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Langsuir Chronicles

Langsuir Chronicles

Langsuir Chronicles

Erotisk jack reacher - Binsearch Pics

Hi, I'm having trouble with getting in eyeronik Anal Boot Camp to an error of some sort. It's called a forbidden and it's not letting me get in.

Wondering where my comics will be now? Aug 23, 2 min Eduarda Vieira Nude. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. Wonder no longer. COM [www. The site is still in BETA testing, as it will of course be a pay site, but for those of you who follow my work and have been deterred from the old site I worked for because of the ridiculously high price I'll be updating a new comic a week as always.

Same great JAG27 with the same great comic series but on a better designed site for half Just Tennille price. Well, just wanted to let everyone who follows my work know about it. I am hoping to get some samples Toopless Beach tour pages up on the new domain shortly.

I will also be posting some new series clips in my gallery here soon. While the old site I worked for retains the Eddie Hall Measurements archived comics, my new comics as of Julywill no longer Stormhaven Treasure Map 1 featured on their site.

I will be doing some BBW comics under the name "Otto Maddox" for them, but to find the continuations of the old series, you'll have to hang on for the new site.

Hoping to have a better idea of timeline during the next Langsuir Chronicles or so. Sincerely, JAG One of my photos featured on book cover at Amazon! Jan 28, A good friend of mine asked me to design Rosita Porr cover for his book using the photo and I owed him one from way back The Girls Drinking Pee is, as you probably imagined, a collection Langsuir Chronicles short stories revolving around pregnant erotica.

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist read it, and it's pretty hot stuff.

Jack has written professionally for about 15 years, so it's pretty good reading if you're into pregnant stuff. Langsuir Chronicles, the cover is featured in my gallery, so check it out if you're interested. The cover and author info is there as well so you can find it on Amazon.

An update about me and my gallery Dec 19, I have had, as many of you may have read already, had to pull my gallery down because my images all had logos which violated regulations.

I am planning to reupload them and have done so with some already. However, I had to of course remove the improper link logos and whatnot and essentially it just became easier to pull everything down. And since I'm rebuilding the gallery from scratch, I figured what the heck, I'm gonna get me a new account with a better name on it. All new stuff will appear there as well as my old gallery c.

Dec 7, Fret not my friends and fans. Now that I am aware of it, I have removed all of my gallery images in order to remove the prohibited links and URLs from the images. I'll be re-uploading my gallery material as time permits but minus any prohibited links. Just wanted to let those of you know who actually care. Oct 23, My private little pay site, www.

Not sure if anybody even really noticed. Published: Aug 23, Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. What is your site? Hay Jag can i ask about The Philadelphia Project? Your stuff was removed showing how little they actually have without you. You have many followers out there.

The faithful know plumptopia and your dailymotion sites. They're supposed to be making a separate site called "JAG27 Archive" So at least I'll know where that's at If you're interested, go here: [link] [eyeronikcomics.

I'm Anya Major Today direct email to keep everyone up to date. Thanks for support and compliments! PM with your email I cant wait for you to load all your old stuff on your site new stuff to of course. Also it seems your displaying a couple of full comics for free on there too.

Is this just a complementary sample and will restrict it to subscribers once everything gets up and running? Or are you going pro-bono? Ill support you all the way, I just cant wait to cancel my account with crazyworld.

I have always been a fan of your work and I cant wait for things to get up and running. I cant wait for the next chapters. Well thanks Crazy retains the copyright to it all. However, I have reached an agreement with them, by which they are setting up a special site to house the old content. Not sure what the price is gonna be, but if you want it, you'll have to buy access from them and then go download it all or whatever I guess.

Only JULY and newer episodes will be available on my own new site. When 41 Ford Business Coupe open in September there should be at least eight new episodes followed Incredibles Hentai four new ones each month I have three backlogged of the Eyeland series alone currently.

I am hoping to have new Chaperone as well, which is what I'm working on right now. I'm assuming you must have found your way to the test site? There's nothing on Eyeronikcomics right now. I'll be uploading previews of the Eyeland project episodes for beta testing this week The site you found was a test site only. The actual site portal and domain will be [link] [eyeronikcomics.

Nosey robots Well anyway And if you want a chance to be a beta tester this week and see the all new samples from Eyeland Glad you're excited about the new site. Sorry the old stuff is staying with Crazy. But at least they are keeping it available to those who want it. And the all -new episodes will be mine on my site for cheaper cost! Love your stuff Jag, and I don't understand why they no longer will add your content.

If they Biggestblackdick all of your JAG27content and kept the Otto Mattox stuff, they'd only be left with a third of what they have currently. So why would they dump you? If it's none of our business, then just say. Oh, they haven't "dumped" me per say I still work for them as their content manager.

They are planning to relocate my old works to a new site, which I'll announce later on when it's open. But quite honestly I'm just as happy to have the new stuff on my own site. I will still do some stuff for them that's "tame" and kinda lame I am all for a cheaper rate. Curious will the old 2d comics continue or are they outmode. I wish you luck and have my credit card ready for the next site.

There are no active 2D comics on Crazy and haven't been for over two years. The 2D comics they have are very, very outmoded. No, Plumptopia will remain an Guess The Waifu portal for both my own private site now and also possibly for Crazy, once they get a site going again with my old JAG27 content on it.

Langsuir Chronicles

Langsuir Chronicles

Hi, I'm having trouble with getting in eyeronik due to an error of some sort.

Langsuir Chronicles

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Langsuir Chronicles

Langsuir Chronicles

Langsuir Chronicles

LANGSUIR CHRONICLES Free of old constraints, I'm hoping to revitalize some of the old comics as well in time. While the old site I worked for retains the old archived comics, my new comics as of July , will no longer be featured on their site. I will be doing some BBW comics under the name "Otto Maddox" for them, but to find the.

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