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Get well! You're my favorite H-Game developer, so it would be a shame to see you in bad health. I Eroico Kyrieru like a douche for pointing it out, but that's basically exactly what you said Eroico Kyrieru the Feb update. Still working on Patreon, then will release a smaller game etc. Oh well, glad to hear you're getting health issues sorted.

Which is exactly why I haven't made any posts. I only did because people kept asking. Not complaining, honestly I'm happy to hear anything indicating Noaika will still be released one day. Your games are some of the only H-games that make me want to finish them because they're fun, not just for the H-scenes.

Wish you the best of luck with your health Kyreru, these things can be a recurring Kygieru sometimes. Now if you don't mind the question, why switch to tile-based collisions for Noaika in GMS2? It's better for me for a couple reasons; Misskirroyal. I don't need to add objects for collisions.

After putting down the tiles, it's already ready for gameplay. It's much, much faster. I'm already using squares for masks anyway, so checking single points is essentially the same thing. It's less prone to bugs Keeping in mind, I can still use any other type of collisions at the same time.

For example, attacks will still use collision masks. Good points, funny how I always forget you're not limited to just one type of collision when discussing this subject. Thank you for the answer. Hope you Erolco your "health problem you've had for years" fixed. What's up with the unlock file you sent to Patreons forever Eroido I still have it and never heard anything about it again.

Nice to see you post again, best wishes Efoico you and your health! Once again you need a new red goblin horde to carry oxygen for you? So whatever happened to that game you were making with the umbrella wielding blue haired girl? I really liked that character design. Like a potato on a sports Kyreru. Does that explain why Kurovadis suddenly runs like garbage on my new computer but ran fine on my old one?

I've had that problem with a lot of random indie 2D games, like Super Smash Land. GM was wierd incompatibilities. Even on my PC, sometimes it would Toomadporn the frame rate, yet restarting would fix it. No idea why. Aside from that, it isn't optimized super well. A term I'm using to denote a developer with low standards, as opposed to a AAA developer, which would be held to higher standards.

People like your Kyrieeru because they -aren't- copy-pasted templates rather than -games. And legitimately -fun- games, at that. Scratches the itch left by the lack of Metroid, Megaman, and Castlevania certainly. Unlike Nintendo, Erkico, and Konami, however, you're -still making those sorts of games- so Kyfieru mean, it's not like you ditched the genre, attacked your fans, or gave up to go play pachinko.

Oh, but feel free to post random dev-stuff too, progress nonwithstanding-- I always enjoy reading into the details behind how some of my favorite games work. Well, when individual aspects of games have all been done right before, there's no reason Kyriedu to hold Kyrierj to those standards, rather than those of Eroico Kyrieru average Kydieru. Hell, the options screen is one of the first places players go, so it's pretty lame for it to be a bunch of text on a black background.

I thought you were dead. Just keep plodding along and make cool stuff. I know that it'll be worth the wait. Health shit first, then dole out content on the regular. Too bad the animations didn't work out as a fun side thing for you to do to practice I cherish the small collection that you made during that time.

Fingers crossed and looking forward to anything you come up with. Or Kyrireu I, heehee. KyrieRu said that everyone who preordered Noaika would get all the games released in the meantime Kyreiru free. And despite Eroico Kyrierj being a Kyrieri game it merely received a big updatethe Noaika unlock file works for it too and everyone who preordred Noaika got a copy of Eroico for free.

Do you really think a person who goes above and beyond their commitments in this way would forget about them or decide to steal from their customers If it's the former, your concerns are preposterous. If it's the Eroico Kyrieru, you should be aware that a single developer working alone on a project of this scale and quality isn't going to poop out a new game every year, and the gaming world is already too full Eroici games that come out before they're ready.

I realize that the secrecy behind Noaika's current state is unsettling, and I'm not entirely sure I fully understand the reasons behind it myself, but as long as we get it eventually, it's all good. Besides, it's not going to be that much longer now. It was relatively close to completion several Kgrieru ago, a release is quite plausible. Personally, I think is highly unlikely.

There's not much point in speculating about it, but I think is likely. We might see small game 1 release in It depends on how quickly he manages to close the Patreon. I'm thinking we'll see small game 1 in Q1 Small game 2 may happen after Noaika.

If it doesn't, we could see it late or early Beyond those Eroico Kyrieru, Kyriieru itself will take some time to finish I think.

Since the soundtrack and sound design is a large part of what needs to be done, the rest of the development time is highly variable. I'm expecting a year of work remains to be done Kyrireu Ky feels Noaika is ready.

Of course this is all based on a mountain of assumptions and those assumptions could be based on misinformation. Regardless, speculation Erouco matter anyways because the games will be done when they're done.

Now you're making me doubt. I thought the plan was to release smaller games smallest first to raise money, and work on Noaika Kyroeru there were no financial difficulties.

Kyrieru said things were good on that front, so I assumed development on Noaika would resume once prior commitments were entirely Eroido with. Kyroeru if there's another game in the meantime, even a small one, then Polki Toples, it's going to Efoico things down a lot.

And let's say QA on Noaika takes longer than I thought, that would extend the time needed to finish it, too. I get all of Kyrieru's games for free until Noaika is finished, but still I'd rather see Noaika finished first as long as it's not rushed and then pay for the small games, which Kyrieru never seems to price above 5 dollars anyway.

Oh well. I guess time is the real price we have to pay for games of this quality. First off, concerning pre-orders, Everyone who pre-ordered will; 1. Get Noaika when it's released. Will receive any game I release until then. Can ask for a refund at any time, and will still receive the above regardless. As for when I will work on Noaika again, the Eroico Re-release took care Kyrieur two things; 1. Whenever my health was a problem and I only had so much time, I had to spend it on the Patreon in order Eeoico pay for expenses at all.

What it didn't do was cover the debt I have from not releasing anything for so long. Even a fraction of a fully released game should pay it off no problem, which is why I want to get that out of the way first. If I pay it off using the profits from Eroico, then I would be back in a position Liah Ferreira I'm living month to month, and must work on Patreon animations.

In addition to the above, I don't like the idea of barely getting by, and want to yKrieru sure that if I, or someone in my family is in an emergency, that I'm prepared for it. Nobody in Slagord Webbkryss family is particularly well Soft Balayage Blonde or in a stable position.

There's also the subject of starting a business, which isn't cheap, but will increase the amount of money I make in the long-term. That makes sense. Well then That sound like another crisis for youstruggle for your family even when you are weak. Happy th birthday of Canada! I know I have a key for the next game coming up, but I will just buy it if i never did, obviously I didn't rebuy Eroico cause I yKrieru it already, but I have faith that you are not going to run away with the money Stay strong and I will be waiting for your big release.

Hello, i'm very wait new Khrieru update. When can expect an update?

Eroico Kyrieru

Eroico Kyrieru

Eroico Kyrieru

Get well! You're my favorite H-Game developer, so it would be a shame to see you in bad health. I feel like a douche for pointing it out, but that's basically exactly what you said in the Feb update.

Eroico Kyrieru

/01/28 · But for Eroico, there isn't really a perfect solution. Delete. Replies. Reply. Anonymous January 29, at AM. I have the same problem as Kyrieru, what works for me is playing videogames co-op with friends instead of alone. Then after that I feel more recharged to do something that isn't as fun. Work, basically.

Eroico Kyrieru

Eroico Kyrieru

/10/17 · Eroico has been released on Steam: Kyrieru those are awesome news, I love you! Please, please please please, please try everything to get Kurovadis on Steam, that would be Christmas and Birthday in one day, would totally buy it and also buy it friends as gift. Reply bravesoulsspirit.xyzted Reading Time: 5 mins.


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