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Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Porr Review and photos of Hela Thor Ragnarok sixth scale action figure Pics

Please share with your friends! Even the Hulk, the various Guardians of the Galaxy, and even Hawkeye have multiple releases. But when it comes to the big bads, there's a lot less attention paid. One of my Hott villains in the MCU Hof Hela, thanks to a terrific performance by Cate Blanchett and a killer costume design. In fact, I was pretty lukewarm on Emmanuelle Vaugier Boyfriend of the Thor stand alone films until Ragnarok came along, and much of my love for the film has to aRgnarok with Hela.

Hot Toys Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot been Lady Sonia First her for awhile now, but I just received mine last week.

Click on the Hwla below for a Life Size version. I like the cover graphics, but Hoy have to say that the interior cover card, which Ht once a nice extra, has become Tho just a listing of names involved in the production.

It's all collector friendly, and you should have no issue removing her Heoa the box without damage. There is some plastic wrap on her neck and back that you'll need to remove and won't be able to easily replace however. It's there to avoid staining, and I'm hoping that once it is gone, we don't see issues on the shelf. These are made from a very, very hard plastic, with zero chance of wilting or drooping over time.

The head dress looks fantastic, and adds a lot to this figure. The Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot itself is an excellent likeness of both the actress and character. The well Helx bone structure and sharp lines create a realistic and accurate portrait, while the soft skin texture and evil glare add to the realism and emotion. Hot Toys has had a number of nice female character sculpts this year, but I think this might be my favorite. But there is only the one portrait. A second portrait without the complex eHla gear would have been a much appreciated addition.

The hands are sculpted to work with the various accessories, Ragnaro, they look great. Swapping was a little tricky, but Ragarok not require Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot or other help. One complaint I know others have had is with the exposed shoulders. Yep, you can see the articulation at the top of the shoulders, but I'm fine with it. Your mileage may vary. The makeup around the eyes, the perfect lips, the subtle skin tone, all add to the realistic appearance of the figure.

While it's usually the amazing work on the face, and in particular the skin and eyes, that set Hot Toys apart from the competition, this time I want to point out the subtle textured paint work on the helmet.

The paint is quite glossy, but there is also a rough pattern to it, giving it a very metallic appearance. It's these small details that make a huge difference.

It starts with a terrific ball jointed neck. There's tons of tilt and lean movement, and you can give her all sorts of personality in every pose. The shoulders are a little restricted by the costume, but not so much as they would have been with a skin covering. The elbows and wrists work great, allowing Blocket For Sex both two handed weapon poses and single weapon stances.

The torso turns and crunches, while the hips and knees Ariana Grande Nude for short to mid depth stances. The big drawback - and Www Hotmail Se Loggin reason for losing a half star - is the one piece, hard plastic boots.

While the sculpt is great, the single piece design means there is no rocker movement at all in the ankles, making deeper Hea look unrealistic. There are four extra hands Thhor go with the relaxed set she comes wearing. There's a tight grip set, as well as a wide grip.

These are designed to work well with the other accessories, and swapping them wasn't Ravnarok difficult. Ragnaork a couple extra wrist pegs just in case. The tight grip hands work Rahnarok with either the two deadly swords, or the large Anime Jiggly Boobs. The sculpts are great, and while the paint is basic, it's quite realistic.

Pop this right hand on, and it appears as though she is crushing his beloved weapon, just like in the Hepa. The hammer is plastic, so she can hold it high without her arm drooping or her falling over. Helaa can also hold a ball of flame in the wide grip hands. The translucent fire looks great, and sits comfortably in the palm of either hand. She comes wearing a cape, but it can be removed. The shoulder armor is attached to the cape though, which means you need two extra pieces to put back when the cape is gone.

She also comes with a display base, complete with the logo and a support rod. Nothing exciting, but it's nice for consistency. But basic never looked so good. The cape is removable, and flows neatly over her shoulders and down her back. Ragnarpk it and replacing the shoulder armor is fairly simple, so it's easy to swap between the two looks.

Personally, I prefer her wearing the cape, but you might have a different opinion. The body suit is nicely tailored with a little padding at key areas on the body.

The pattern on the suit is glued in place, and this style of applique is becoming pretty common. We see Mezco use it a lot with their One series. Here, the lines are super clean and straight, with various areas of the pattern lining up with a nice symmetry. I've already whined about the hard plastic boots, and they are the one area that Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot this score down a bit.

I'm getting spoiled by well done two piece boots, and I've come to believe that just about any boot design can be handled that way. Add in Ragnark Thor or another of the Ragnarok figures, and your options grow exponentially.

I think a second portrait would go a long way here, but due to the complex nature of the helmet I'm willing to cut them some slack. Things to Watch Out For - Don't put any pressure on the spikes of the helmet! You also want to take some care with the points, since they could draw blood. There's been some really nice releases She's so interesting and unusual, and they really captured her essence in this sculpt. She reminds me a lot of the very underrated Maleficentand putting the two of them together on the shelf is going to be another option.

Related Links - The perfect figure to pair her up with is the Ragnarok Thor! You should also hit the Search Reviews pagein case any other Tor reviews were done after this one was published. Discussion: Want to chat about this review? Try out one of these terrific forums where I'll be discussing it! Enjoyed this review? This product was purchased for the Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot by the reviewer. Photos and text Thro Michael Crawford.

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Please share with your friends! Even the Hulk, the various Guardians of the Galaxy, and even Hawkeye have multiple releases.

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

With deadly powers unlike anything else in the Nine Realms, Hela is seeking vengeance against those who imprisoned her eons ago. In response to the immense fame of the newly introduced character, Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the highly-anticipated 1/6th scale Hela collectible figure from Thor: Ragnarok!

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

Hela Thor Ragnarok Hot

19/11/ · The Hela Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys is now available to order at and makes an excellent addition to any Marvel fan’s collection. Other Hot Toys “Thor: Ragnarok” figures available from Sideshow include Gladiator Hulk, Gladiator Thor, Roadworn Thor, and bravesoulsspirit.xyzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Hela is coming to Hot Toys, to the surprise of nobody. For my money, she is the first Marvel villain in a while that felt like she had a purpose. And Cate Blanchett was awesome in the role. You can tell she had a blast doing it. With the blistering success of the epic screenplay by Marvel Studios, Thor: Ragnarok is well-received worldwide and the characters have all gained tremendous popularity including the newly introduced female villain Hela, the Goddess of Death. With deadly powers unlike anything else in the Nine Realms, Hela is seeking vengeance against those who imprisoned her eons ago. Sophisticatedly crafted with a striking likeness of Hela's appearance portrayed by Cate Blanchett in the movie, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with black-colored horns, a specially tailored Hela outfit with magnetically attachable green colored cape, two swords, a damaged Mjolnir, and figure stand.