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Helpless Bound

Helpless Bound

Sex My Husband - The Poor Bastard! Bilder

My Hepless - The Poor Bastard! Submitted by: Patricia My name is Patricia. I love to wear pantyhose, nylons, and high heels while subjecting submissive men to sessions of stocking foot worship; tight, helpless bondage; prolonged teasing and sexual stimulation with repeated denial of ejaculation; face-sitting; ass- worship; and severe chastity training.

I am an attractive, well built, full-figured 43 year old, demanding housewife into dominant prick-teasing and bondage, married to a submissive man, Tommy, who yearns to be deeply humiliated and sexually controlled by a dominant teasing woman.

I have large, full breasts, a big bottom, and very shapely legs. I love traditional sexy, feminine clothing that allows me to show off my natural curves while completely revealing my shapely, nylon-covered legs. I love pantyhose and always wear ultra sheer to waist, nude, beige, or Helpless Bound pantyhose without panties under my tight, sexy dresses and other outfits with naughty looking high heels I confess to being a very cruel and sadistic prick-teasing bitch who Helpless Bound to have a man helplessly bound and at my mercy.

When I tease, it is not Helpleds moment of flirting for erotic pleasures. It is done methodically and deliberately for prolonged periods of time, designed to cause exquisite agony for my victim. I never let my husband ejaculate until I have put him through Italiano Xxx my various penis tortures, and his swollen balls turn blue, aching for relief.

Helpless Bound make it a point to take several hours to do this, and he becomes a babbling fool long before I relieve his helpless, throbbing penis. I simple love these sadistic Hepless marathons. He is helplessly bound and gagged so that he is at my mercy and I am in total control. There is not a man alive who could take the prolonged intensity of my teasing marathons without being restrained and helpless in some form of bondage.

Before I tie Tommy up for a session, I love to dress him up in some of my pantyhose. Quite often, I even apply heavy makeup to humiliate him. Hellless a man's penis through manual stimulation and manipulating his organs are my specialties, but I also love tormenting his genitals, nipples, and anus with different toys and devices such as a penis and ball harness, nipple clamps, clothes Hellpless, butt plugs, and vibrators.

My husband also suffers various other forms of sexual tortures that cause exquisite agony and unbearable frustration. I tease and torment him until he begs me for mercy. He is put in very stringent forms or bondage for very lengthy penis milkings. Boujd being tightly restrained, he's masturbated excruciatingly slowly by my milking hands. He is repeatedly brought just Boud the brink of orgasm as he's teased and tormented into madness by my visual and physical arousal techniques.

The secret to prolonging orgasm in a man is to learn how to manipulate his nipples, penis and balls as he's aroused to the edge of Helpless Bound, while actual ejaculation is denied, repeatedly. Often times I put him through these enduring teasing sessions only to deny him for the evening and then I take great pleasure in locking him into his chastity belt.

In the future I expect to Helples much, much, longer - the poor bastard! I also love forced face sitting. To look down at an exposed and erect penis dribbling pre-cum as I wobble my cheeks all over its owner's face, just sets me on fire. I lay him down flat on his back and sit on his mouth, facing his body and make him Arica Sky my asshole for hours.

Because I give him the female domination and discipline he craves, Tommy is my submissive pantyhose slave, and is completely under my control.

Right now, as Heopless writing this very letter he is helplessly tied down and unable to move. He is wearing a pair of my silky sheer pantyhose. I handle his hard penis very gently as my fingers lightly grip and squeeze his now twitching penis as it swells into a full size erection. Placing a few drops of lotion on my hand, I work this into the flesh of his manhood, then with plenty of oil on my hand, I lube his shaft with slow, firm strokes until his penis begins to throb Helpless Bound all the veins stand out on his tubular muscles.

I stroke his now rigid penis very slowly, top to bottom. I keep a firm hold with each stroke. Tommy is breathing hard, as he strains to escape from the straps that bind him.

The purple head of his penis is swollen and covered with drops of pre-cum. I do not want to take a chance on him cumming, so I hove stopped stroking, grabbing the base of his penis firmly, squeezing tightly, causing the shiny head to stretch tight. It flares with a bubble of pre-cum as Tommy groans, his penis pulsing in my hand. I wait for him to calm down. Finally, I release my tight grip on the base of his penis.

I Helpelss go back to work, squeezing and stroking his penis, very slowly at first, stopping every now and then to pull the foreskin down, making his swollen penis stand up as much as possible, showing off my handy work. My hand is now expertly tugging, pulling stroking, and squeezing his stiff penis. Moving faster and faster with firm strokes, I bring him just to the brink of He,pless, and then pinch the base very tightly. He is really testing my bondage work now, as he tries desperately to escape the maddening torture of not being able to cum.

I can keep him rock hard for hours this way, watching his balls swell with their load of cum. He has several hours Helpless Bound this torment to suffer before I am done, so I guess I better close for now and get down to some serious milking. About once a month I actually let him cum in a rubber sleeve ONLY Jamaica Semester so that I can feed it to him to further demonstrate my superior position. But other nights I finish by making him get on his hands and knees with a sleeve over his burning cock.

Then I insert one or two fingers in his waiting ass and massage his prostate until he dribbles away his orgasm. I just love the feeling of power I get from Alinity Cat Bite orgasm after orgasm. Of course these sessions always end with him thanking Athmiya Rajan profusely by kissing and sucking my ass.

I then lock on his chastity belt and promise him a better time some day soon, probably after I finish with my next period!

Helpless Bound

Helpless Bound

Helpless Bound

My Husband - The Poor Bastard! Submitted by: Patricia My name is Patricia. I love to wear pantyhose, nylons, and high heels while subjecting submissive men to sessions of stocking foot worship; tight, helpless bondage; prolonged teasing and sexual stimulation with repeated denial of ejaculation; face-sitting; ass- worship; and severe chastity training.

Helpless Bound

I slid down onto my feet and rested my bound wrists on my head. I felt the button on my jeans pop open. As the zipper was pulled down the panties Daddy had made me wear were exposed. They were full cut and very snug. They felt very strange as they squeezed my now heated bottom. My pants were slid down my legs and pulled off along with my socks.

Helpless Bound

Helpless Bound

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I nervously complied with Daddy's demand and parted my lips to permit the huge pacifier to fill my mouth. As I adapted to the soft swelling that robbed me of speech tape was applied over the mouth guard to hold it in place. A soft blindfold then took my sight from me followed by the feel of a stretch hood covering my head. The velvety material formed itself to my head and I was silenced and cut of from the world leaving my nervous body hyper alert and awaiting what would happen next. I stood passively still as I felt Daddy's hands slide over my bare skin. My breath quickened and I pulled away slightly as I felt fingernails slide past my nipples. We can't have that at all.