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Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

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Every comic book nerd knows Poison Ivy. She's the villain that toes the line of ally or foe, a true anti-heroine we all love. Her actions often time blurs the lines between bad guy and hero. Though her motives are questionable at times, one fact prevails—she is one fierce warrior for Mother Nature.

Outside of being a protector of all things green, she is widely known for her relationship with Harley Quinn, her best friend and lover. Updated on November 9th, by Patrick Mocella: While her status as a villain presently is debatable, there have certainly been plenty of depictions of Poison Ivy in various media where she is bad news.

That isn't to say she doesn't have some terrifying quotes from the original comics that would make Batman glad he's wearing a dark suit. After all, any hero would be afraid if she had a certain Man Of Steel under her control. One of her best quotes is in the scene where she is no longer Dr. Pamela Isley and is now Poison Ivy. Upon discovering how strong she is, she makes the proclamation that she isn't just the will of Mother Nature, but is now Mother Nature herself. With how close she comes to tearing apart the Dynamic Duo in this movie, who can say otherwise?

Scarecrow also attacks with his trademark Fear Toxin which sends anyone into a fit of terror. All except for Poison Ivy of course. In the video game Injustice 2Ivy is a playable character and if the player does a "clash" with Scarecrow, it's possible that Ivy will say the mentioned quote. Nothing quite like Poison Ivy Batman Quotes the wind out of the sails of Batman's scariest foe.

In their first meeting from the episode "Harley And Ivy," Ivy manages to pull Quinn away from the Joker and successfully capture Batman. Just before they push a trapped Batman into a chemical waste pit, Batman remarks that a sick mind is capable of anything regardless of gender. While Ivy acknowledges the backhanded compliment, she Sofia Boutella Naked tries to kill him. He cannot be beaten in a physical contest, but he isn't immune to mind control.

In this story, Ivy is able to control Superman briefly using her powers. Her hold on him isn't as strong as she'd like though and Batman is able to snap him out of it before he obliterates the Dark Knight. While she ultimately ended up being crucial in saving Gotham City in the series' final main installment, Batman: Arkham Knight, Poison Ivy was still very much a fearsome villain players had to battle in the Batman: Arkham Asylum.

If players were to meet a game over screen in her boss fight, there's a chance they would hear this quote from Ivy. Obviously a clever ploy on the F-bomb, this is quite a thing to hear just before you're asking to restart from your last checkpoint. Unfortunately for Ivy's victims in the comics, they don't get a second chance. Batman and Robin's Poison Ivy is an undeniably iconic version of the character.

One sinister quote from her in the movie," So many people to kill She portrays a doctor who claims to know the secret to rejuvenation through organic means. She persuades Gotham's wealthy socialites into attending her spa. Alfred and his lady friend attend on behalf of Bruce Wayne. Instead of finding a relaxing spa resort, the attendees are punished for their crimes against nature. They are poisoned by ingesting a chemical concocted by Poison Ivy, turning them into trees and placing them in her grove.

In retaliation against her, he takes her as a prisoner and uses fear gas on her. Batman comes to rescue her and holds her at GCPD so she is out of the way and cannot interfere with his plans.

Later, Batman comes back to her for help. Ivy, knowing the fear gas negatively impacts her plants, agrees to help him. Batman releases Ivy and she takes over a large tree.

The Scarecrow's fear toxin negatively affects the tree and her other plants. Luckily, Poison Ivy powers through and defeats Scarecrow, in turn sacrificing herself for her true love, her plants. Batman finds a collapsed Ivy still inside the tree. He grabs her and with her last breath she utters, "Nature always wins.

The moment is very bittersweet. As she fades, flowers begin blooming, and a small plant blossoms in the place where she died. Ivy reminds us just how dangerous she is when she takes out the clown prince of crime, himself.

Harley begs Joker not to use his poisonous flower on her friend. Much to Harley's dismay, he sprays Ivy directly in the face with it. She begins coughing, then her cough turns into laughter. Unbeknownst to Joker, Ivy is immune to his toxins. She catches him by surprise with a leg sweep and continues kicking the snot out of him and his henchmen. An unforgettable scene from the movie involves Poison Ivy stripping off a gorilla suit and offering herself up for the Botanical Gardens auction.

She Poison Ivy Batman Quotes the show by blowing kisses to the crowd, hypnotizing them. Her plant chemicals engulf the masses in a love spell. Men begin arguing over her and bidding thousands upon millions of dollars just for a date with her.

Even Batman and Robin vie for her affection. She tells the boys, "Come join me. 9gag Trending garden needs tending," then Mr. Freeze crashes through the wall, spoiling all the fun. Ivy believes she is doing a good service, but, of course, she is endangering thousands of lives.

Harley Quinn attempts to talk her down, Xempire Ivy gives a touching monologue on Xhamster Vom she has to carry out her plans, ending with the two ladies fighting. Arkham Asylum Free Sex Massage an awesome boss fight between Batman and Poison Ivy.

When Batman finds Ivy, she explains that although she thought her plants were in Laktras from the Joker's toxins, they were evolving. She gains new powers, allowing her to rapidly grow plants and mutate them. She entwines herself into the plant and tells Batman, "And now, we will grow together. She attacks him with hypnotized guards as her plant lashes him in efforts to take him down.

Unhinged and evolved, Gotham's Ivy Pepper threatens to run amok in the city after she emerges from a cocoon with newfound powers. She wakes up with new matured features and notices in the mirror that she has transformed.

Her fingernails, now long and green, contain enough toxins for her to fatally scratch victims and poison them. Later in the season, she goes on a killing spree, making people grow flowers from inside out. She tells her plants they are all so beautiful. Earlier in GothamIvy Pepper transforms from a small girl into a young adult. Fish Mooney had one of her cronies try to kill her by rapid aging, but she broke free of his grasp.

Her older form washes ashore to a construction zone. As she stumbles into the city, her reflection reveals she has aged substantially to be approximately nineteen. An unsuspecting construction worker finds a distraught Ivy and brings her to his home.

Upon arrival, she discovers the man has left his plants to die. He dumps a potted plant in the trash in front of her and she becomes very angry. When he falls Depfile Us, she steals his ex-wife's clothing and bashes him in the head with the pot from the plant he discarded.

She leaves him lying on Poison Ivy Batman Quotes floor with a bloody gash on the side of his head and tells him, "Next time, don't forget the water. Ivy proves in her first appearance on Batman: The Animated Series that she is no joke. She tricks Harvey Dent into dating and proposing to her in a week. Little does he know, she is only dating him to exact revenge. She wants to destroy him for his Arabe Sex Video against nature.

Five years previously, Harvey bulldozed wildlife in the name of Stonegate Penitentiary, his new prison. Ivy plucked a thorny rose before it could be bulldozed in the demolition.

She concocts a poison lipstick from the rose and kisses Harvey, nearly killing him. She manages to kiss Batman, as well. He bargains with her to get the antidote in exchange for no harm done to her precious plants. Ironically she is locked up in Stonegate to pay for her crimes. In the end, she is clutching her thorny rose, telling it they will grow back. Paige York is a writer from rural WV. Anime, movies, television, and films have always been a constant interest to her. By Paige York Updated Nov 09, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Every comic book nerd knows Poison Ivy. She's the villain that toes the line of ally or foe, a true anti-heroine we all love.

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Quotes in Batman & Robin () Share. Tweet +1. Share. Pin. Like. Send. Share. Poison Ivy Quotes: Poison Ivy: So many people to kill so little time. -- Poison Ivy. Mr. Freeze: I will blanket the city in endless winter. First Gotham, and then the world. Poison Ivy: Just what I had in mind. Everything dead on earth, except us. A chance for Mother Nature to start again. Behold, the dawn of a .

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

Poison Ivy Batman Quotes

17/03/ · Here's just a few quotes from those movies, like 'Poison Ivy', Drew Barrymore quotes, funny Poison Ivy quotes, and more. 1. "It's been a long time, Harvey. You're still looking around halfway decent.".