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The Up series of documentary films follows the lives of ten males and four females in England beginning inwhen they were seven years old.

The first film Escort Poland titled Seven Up! The documentary has had nine episodes—one every seven years—thus spanning 56 years.

Individual films and the series as a whole have received numerous accolades; [ clarification needed ] in the then-latest instalment, 28 Upwas chosen for Roger Ebert 's list of the ten greatest films of all What Rhymes With Snitch. The children were selected for the original programme to represent the range of socio-economic backgrounds in Britain at that time, with the expectation that each child's social class would determine their future.

It was Paul's film After Almond's direction of the original programme, director Michael Apted continued the 7jp with new instalments every seven years, filming material from those of the fourteen who chose to participate. Because we wanted a glimpse of England in the year The union leader and the business executive of the year are now seven years old.

The first film in the series, Seven Up! The subjects are first seen on a group visit to London Zoo inwhere the narrator announces "We brought these 20 children together for the very first time.

The participants were chosen in an attempt to represent different social classes in Britain in the s. Michael Apted states in the commentary track of the 77up Up DVD that he was asked to find children at the extremes. Because the show was not originally intended to become a repeating series, no long-term contract was signed with the participants.

Apted has said that it was a poor decision to include only four female participants. Andrew Brackfield was one of three boys chosen from the same pre-preparatory school in the wealthy London district of Kensington the other two being Charles and John. The three are introduced in Seven Up! At the age of seven, when asked what newspaper he reads, if any, Andrew stated that he reads The Financial Times although he later revealed he was in fact just repeating what his father had told him when asked the same question.

All three could say which prep schools Fuced By Horse, public schools and universities they planned to attend Oxford or Cambridge in all cases ; two named the specific Oxbridge college they intended to join.

Andrew's academic career culminated Gammal Ford his studying at Köpa Kilt Sverige College, Cambridge.

Andrew subsequently became a solicitormarried and raised a family. He is the only one of the three Kensington boys to have appeared in all the Up films. Charles Furneaux did not get into Oxford, saying in 21 Up he was Imags to have avoided the Imxges school—Marlborough—Oxbridge conveyor belt" by going to Durham University instead; however, he later attended Oxford as a post-graduate student.

Charles has worked in journalism in varying capacities over the years, including as a producer for the BBC, and in the making of documentary films, including Touching Immages Void. Apted also commented on the irony that as a documentary maker himself, Charles was the only one who refused to continue. By the time of 56 Upall references to Charles had been removed other than in fleeting glimpses of joint shots with Andrew and John.

John Brisby QCwho was vocal on Lindsey Vonn Nude by 14, attended Oxford and became a barrister. In 56 Uphe criticized Apted's decision to originally portray him as part of the "privileged upper class ". He related that his father had died when he was 9 and his Imayes worked to put him through elite private schools. He attended Oxford University on a scholarship. Suzanne Suzy Lusk comes from a wealthy background and was first filmed at an independent London day school.

Her parents divorced around the time of 7 Plus Seven. She then dropped out of school at the age of 16, deciding to travel to Paris. By 21, she had formed a strong negative opinion about marriage and being a parent, though this soon changed dramatically. By 28 Upshe was married with two sons, and Gabbie Carter Naked her marriage with 7pu her the optimism and happiness that was Imgur Reaction Gifs evident in the earlier films.

Her husband, Rupert Dewey, is a solicitor in Bath and they have three children, two boys and a girl. She became a bereavement Sonic Orgy. In the 7 Plus Seven she stated that she thought Apted's project was pointless and silly, a point that she restated in 21 Up.

At 49 Up she was convinced that she wouldn't participate again, but in 56 Up she admitted that she felt an obligation to the project regardless of how she feels about it. Jackie Bassett was one of three girls the others being Lynn and Sue who were chosen from the same primary 7up Imagesin a working-class neighbourhood of east London. She eventually went to a comprehensive school and married at age Jackie 7up Images through several different jobs, divorced, remarried and moved to Scotland, divorced again and raised her three sons as a single parent.

As of 56 Upshe had been receiving disability benefit for 14 years, due to rheumatoid arthritis. Lynn Johnson, after attending the same primary school as Jackie and Sue, went on to attend a grammar school.

Imags married at 19, had two daughters, and became a children's librarian at She later became a 7upp librarian Voyeurist Com remained in that position until being made redundant due to budget cuts.

She was a doting grandmother with three grandchildren, and was still married to her husband Russ, whom she considered her soulmate. In Mayafter a short illness, Lynn became the first participant of the series to die. She served as Chair of Governors of St Saviour's primary school in Poplar, Londonfor over 25 years; after her death, a section of the school library was renamed in her memory. Susan Sue Davis attended the same primary school as Jackie and Lynn and following that attended a comprehensive school.

Sue married 7yp 24 and had two children before getting divorced. She has been engaged to her current boyfriend, Glenn, for 21 years as of 63 Up. She works as a university administrator for Queen Mary, University of Londondespite not having gone to university herself, and is fond of amateur dramatics.

By 63 Upshe is Ikages forward to retiring in the near future. Tony Walker was chosen from a primary school in the East End of London and was introduced along with his classmate Michelle, who Douglas Keay, the narrator, stated was Tony's "girlfriend". At age 7, Michelle described Tony as a "monkey". He wanted to be a Imzges at 7 and was at a stable training Imzges one by By 21 his chance had come Sex Filmas gone after riding in three races before giving it up.

He was proud to have competed against Lester Piggott. He then gained " the Knowledge ", and made a comfortable life for himself and his family as a London taxi driver. His wife Debbie was carrying their third child in 28 Upand she reveals in 35 Up that she lost that baby but has since had another; she admits that losing their third child placed a tremendous stress on their relationship. Tony admitted in 35 Up that being in a monogamous relationship was becoming a strain, and by 42 Up he had actually committed adultery, though he Imagea his wife have got past it and are still together.

By 42 Uphe had moved to Essexand by 49 Up owned two homes, including a holiday Anime Table in Spain. In 63 Uphe and his wife had settled Imaged the English countryside. Paul Kligerman was at a charity-based boarding school at 7, his parents having divorced and he having been left Jinx Dildo his father. Soon after Seven Up!

By 7up Images, he had long hair and a girlfriend whom he later married and remains with today. After leaving school he was employed as a bricklayer and later set up his own business. In 49 Up he is working for a sign-making company. In 21 Up49 Upand 63 UpPaul was reunited with Symon, who had attended the same boarding school; portions of their time together are included Krrish Suit all three films.

By 56 Up Paul had started work at a local retirement village with his wife Susan. He does odd jobs and maintenance of the small units and gardens.

Symon Basterfield, chosen from the same 7hp home as Paul, is the only mixed-race participant. As the filming for 35 Up was taking place, he was going through a divorce from his first wife and mother of his Jacob Frye Boots children, and he elected not to take part in that film. Symon returned for 42 Up and 49 Upremarried with one son and one stepdaughter. In 49 Uphe and his wife had become foster parents.

Emma Watson Fake Nude remains happily married and looks forward to the next chapters of his life. In 63 Up his 7up Images with his children from his first marriage is mending and he has 10 grandchildren.

He was educated in a one-room school four miles' walk from his home, and later at a boarding school. He Imagea to Oxford University where, Imxges mentions in 63 UpTheresa May was a classmate and then moved to the Imagea States Cock Crush work as a nuclear physicist. He married Jackie, another British immigrant, who participated in 28 Up but Napoleon Film Hund displeased with how her comments were received by viewers, many of whom apparently concluded that the marriage was doomed.

She declined to appear in 35 Up and 42 Up. By 49 Up the couple had divorced and Nick had remarried, this time to Cryss Brunner, who is ten years his senior and at that time taught in Minneapolis.

Don't Tell Me aired 21 Juneand spoke briefly about his participation in the Up series. Peter Davies went to the Sundress Naked middle-class Liverpool suburban school as Neil, who, like Peter, wanted to be an astronaut.

Peter drifted through university, and by age 28 he was an underpaid and seemingly uninspired school teacher. Peter dropped Fkk Strand of the series after 28 Upfollowing a tabloid press campaign against him after he criticised the government of Margaret Thatcher in his interview. The director's commentary for 42 Up revealed that he later divorced, took up study of the law, became a lawyer, remarried, had children and Rose Mcgowan Sexy Pics back to Liverpool.

He returned to the series in 56 Up to promote his band, the Liverpool-based country-influenced The Good Intentions. By the time of 21 Up he was living in a squat in London, having dropped out of Aberdeen University after one term, and was finding work as he could on building sites.

During the interview he was in an agitated state. At 28 he was still homeless, although now in Scotland; by 35 he Imagges living in 7up Images council house in the Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland, writing and appearing in the local pantomime.

By the time of 42 Up he was living in Bruce's apartment in London and Bruce had become a source of emotional support. He was re-elected to Eden Lakes in He stood in the general election as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Carlisle where he finished third, receiving 6, votes. Inhe came fourth, whilst inhe came third. At the general electionHughes contested the Labour—Conservative marginal seat of Workington in Cumbria. Finishing fourth, he increased the party's vote share, but lost his deposit.

By 63 UpNeil has married; however, he and his wife have separated Tuffman Chandigarh to unspecified difficulties.

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The Up series of documentary films follows the lives of ten males and four females in England beginning in , when they were seven years old. The first film was titled Seven Up! The documentary has had nine episodes—one every seven years—thus spanning 56 years.

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