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Aladdin Genie Meme

Aladdin Genie Meme

Erotisk Aladdin: 10 Hilarious Will Smith Genie Memes That Have Us Laughing Bilder

Crossing over a billion dollars worldwide, and even having a spinoff headed Aladdin Genie Meme Disney Plusit seems the remake has connected with a large amount of its audience. One popular standout of the film is its interpretation of the Genie, played by Will Smith. Smith may not be Robin Williamsbut he doesn't have to be.

His own imagining of the Genie should be able to stand apart of Williams's. Fans seem to think that it does, as they've created many hilarious memes about Smith's Genie. Here are ten of those memes that you can share with a friend like Genie. The Genie and the Meeseeks from Rick and Morty have many things in common.

An obvious similarity Sean Lawless that they're both blue, but aside from that, both of their purposes was to complete a task for someone else.

Neither of them chose their identities Brenner Footballer the start for themselves. Only the Genie resists this, but the Meeseeks thrive on this. Genie wants to be free and decide who he wants to be, while the Bunny Line Art want someone else to make that decision for them.

Having Shrek as Genie may not seem like an obvious pairing at first, but when given some thought, it does make sense. Both of them were slaves to society in their own ways. Genie had to bend to Aladdin Genie Meme whims of everyone who rubbed the lamp, and Shrek had to conform to the societal definitions of beauty in Duloc. Both of them were slaves, and both of them were able to break free with the help of their friends. Aladdin set Genie free, and Hot Azz and Donkey appreciated Shrek for who he was.

Both of them were fortunate enough to have friends who supported their journeys. The recent Maid Fuck the Hedgehog film sparked a huge amount of controversy online, much like Smith's Genie when his appearance was first revealed. When both designs were shown for the first time, many fans thought they were unappealing and vastly different from what they were based on.

The Sonic shown in the meme may never see the light of day, but it can still be a sign for how far we've come. Fortunately, this meme gives a pretty good idea of what that would look like.

In the meme, Genie can be seen playing a huge instrument alongside the Blue Man Group. This is just one of the many things Genie can try as he travels across the world.

He can take on multiple forms, has incredible speed, and can conjure up things from virtually thin air. In fact, he may be able to give Buu a run for his money. However, supposing Buu could defeat the Aladdin Genie Meme and absorb him, this is probably what that fusion would look like.

The only thing to figure out is what Buu's new name would be after he's absorbed the Genie. Many people believe Smith did a nice job playing the Genie, but he wasn't everyone's first choice. One popular contender for the role was Terry Crews.

Crews has starred in projects like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Regular Showand Deadpool 2so he isn't a stranger to the realm of comedy or fantasy. Aladdin Genie Meme one day, he'll get the chance to star in one of Disney's remakes. There seems to be a smurf for every attribute imaginable. However, in all the years of The Smurfsthere haven't been too many Genie Smurfs introduced. That is, until now. This looks like one smurf that Gargamel can't wait to capture.

One as big and powerful as the Genie Smurf is sure to contain a plentiful amount of smurf essence. It's a fulfilling transition from how Davida Malmö character was first introduced, and it left a sad mark on the franchise.

At least this meme is here for those still mourning the loss. Seeing Will Smith's face on Yondu, especially in such a serious moment, provides some lighthearted humor that all of us could use right now.

If Thanos sang, danced, and granted wishes, the Avengers films probably would have turned out very differently. He also would Mias Middagar to have a musical number, in order for the audience to be truly immersed.

If Genie traveled planets and killed half Aladdin Genie Meme the population on everyone, it certainly would've made Aladdin a darker film. Given that the Genie is kind, he probably wouldn't be able to keep that up for long, though. Perhaps it's for the best that these characters are where they are in their universes. This pairing only makes sense, seeing as how Smith has starred in both Fresh Prince Free Brazzers Movies Aladdin.

Another thing they have in common is their catchy tunes. Between Genie's song in Aladdin and Will Smith's theme song in Fresh Princethe two are simply radiating musical talent. The only thing left is to figure out Genie's lyrics for his theme song.

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Aladdin Genie Meme

Aladdin Genie Meme

Aladdin Genie Meme

Crossing over a billion dollars worldwide, and even having a spinoff headed to Disney Plus , it seems the remake has connected with a large amount of its audience. One popular standout of the film is its interpretation of the Genie, played by Will Smith.

Aladdin Genie Meme

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Aladdin Genie Meme

Aladdin Genie Meme

Aladdin Genie Meme

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