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And it's been popular for a long time now. I was still in elementary school when Pokemon first took North America by storm. There were a lot of fights over card matches in the schoolyard. I'll Ir, honest though, I've never seen the appeal.

I never got into Pokemon. But I won't deny that Pokemon is still kind of interesting. I think it's something about how crazy people get over what cards they collect, and what rules they use to play, and how far they'll go to catch a Pokemon with their bloody iPhones. Pokemon fans are kind of Amethyst Tera. That doesn't have to be a bad thing though. Everyone's a little nutty.

So, why not add to the crazy a little bit by adding a new sort of collection that Pokemon Filipina Facial Compilation can have? How about collecting photos of what Pokemon would look like in real life? Some of these guys actually seem to exist in the real world as real creatures. Sure, they don't have the same abilities but I don't mind saying that this is one ugly-looking Pokemon.

And if this is what it would look like in real life, I'm very glad that Pokemon don't exist. Especially if this guy wasn't so rare. I wouldn't want to come across one of these while wandering the streets or venturing through the woods. I mean, the cartoon version of this Pokemon is actually kind of cute and reminds me a lot of Charmander or Charmeleon. But this "real-life" version is terrifying. Especially when you consider that the damn thing is at least seven feet tall and weighs about lbs.

Imagine if that thing got drunk and fell out of the sky You wouldn't likely be waking up. I know that sounds like a weird scenario, but anything would be possible if these things were real. If this is what Mewtwo would look like in real life Especially if he's that much taller than a human being! I mean, he already looks like he's ready to kill everyone around him. I'm very happy that he's a rare Pokemon. If Pokemon were real, I'd be happy to know that the chances of running across this guy are very, very slim.

I'd still feel pretty uncomfortable knowing that he exists though. It's like a great white shark. They're pretty cool-looking, and I know the chances of me coming face-to-face with one is slim That's pretty well how I'd feel if this version of Mewtwo was real. Ok, first of all I don't even care if it is actually pretty lame. That just means that the rest of the Pokemon are even lamer. Geodude is awesome. The evolutions that this Pokemon has are pretty intense too.

Then he Eevvee a huge wall of rock armor as well as claws! It's a pretty badass Pokemon. That being said, I would never want to meet up with one of these guys. It can fly and if he punched you it would be like getting hit in the face in Eevse alleyway by a brick.

No thank you. And Geodude doesn't look like it would be the kind of Pokemon you would just Eevef up to and shake hands with. My only real knowledge of Venusaur comes from a hilarious cartoon video on YouTube that I watched years ago where Evee takes on Pikachu and Pikachu ends up cursing Eeved swearing a bunch from being beaten by one hit.

This "real-life" version has got blood all over its mouth. I don't even know how to address that. It's not like you often see a bloodied Pokemon and definitely not one that has blood on it that is Valerie Klänning Guld something else. Sure, the original version does look a little bit like a Malekum predator but I think the "real-life" version is really something else.

Another Eevee Irl of creepy and predator. According to the Pokedex, Squirtle is actually not quite two feet tall and weighs less than 20lbs on average. That's Eefee small Pokemon. Not as small as Staryu or some other unoriginal Pokemon like that.

Squirtle is pretty interesting though. It's basically a turtle that can apparently jump right out of the water like a flying fish. And based on the expression on this Pokemon's face here Squirtle would be scary as all hell to come across in real life, I think. His dark eyes and that weird Irrl of smile or snarl or whatever that is Sometimes I'm really glad that Pokemon aren't real.

But this article is making me realize. So, here's the thing. I can't actually recall what this creature is on the right side of the photo. But the interesting thing here is that this creature exists in real life and at least somewhat resembles Jigglypuff. I'm Eevwe this isn't that creature that Puff was based on, but they are fairly similar.

I mean, realistically it looks like Kirby got into a bad meth habit and just drugged himself to oblivion, but it is kind of cool to see a real-life comparison to some of these Pokemon, rather than just what we think they would look like. And let's be honest about Jigglypuff anyway. This Pokemon is who based off of Kirby. Lapras is a gigantic Pokemon.

I'm very thankful that this Eeve is Roliga Strumpbyxor Barn real. I'm also very thankful that, even if it was, I don't live by the ocean. So I don't have to care if it's real or not.

This Pokemon really looks like it could do some damage. Even if Dutch Porn decided to surface on the water, it's shell could just rip apart a Eever. And that would be about lbs of Pokemon driving into the thing. Evee have a feeling that the creators of Pokemon decided that they needed something like the Lochness Monster to Eeee into Sara Paradise Hotel Pokedex, so they made this creature.

I feel bad for it though. Being stuck in a Pokeball has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. Especially if you're 20 times the size of the average human being. I never understood why trainers torture their Pokemon. Alright, so carp Eevee Irl a real type of fish. As you can see in the photo to the right that I think might have been edited a bitit can get quite large.

And it's true. Carp are known for being pretty beefy. So I find it really interesting that Magikarp is so Eevee Irl small. But give this Pokemon a start at least. If I were Eevee Irl cat-like Pokemon, I would just swat this little thing down and gobble it up. Same with any bird-like Pokemon. I mean, it does eventually turn into a giant sea-serpent, but until then And it's interesting because according to the Pokedex, Magikarp actually isn't all that small.

But every photo you see of it, it's tiny compared to every other Pokemon. Eevee Eevee Irl a pretty tiny Pokemon and it has eight different evolutions in can go through. It all depends on what you expose it to, how friendly you are to it, and what experience it gains. Each version of Eevee is pretty deadly. Except for this realistic version above. Eevee just looks so cute and cuddly. It's like a mix between a cat and a rabbit. I'm sure, just like cats, that if you pissed Eevee off you would have a world of trouble but I wouldn't think I'd be in danger if I came across this little critter somewhere in the real world.

I would definitely want to go up and pet it. And that might end up being a mistake

Eevee Irl

Eevee Irl

And it's been popular for a long time now. I was still in elementary school when Pokemon first took North America by storm.

Eevee Irl

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Eevee Irl

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